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Posted by on May 20, 2016 in Community, Hip Hop | 0 comments

Hustle to Summerfest — Young Torch

Hustle to Summerfest — Young Torch

Young Torch — Repping North Side Milwaukee, Riverside High School. Music: “A mix of everything … what I’m feeling at the time.”

Young Torch made it to the finals of the competition to perform at the Summerfest Ground Floor Stage, a long way from his first performance at 7 years old.

“The reason I wrote my first song was because I beat a video game,” Torch said; he was so happy when he finished Ratchet and Clank, he wrote himself and his cousin a verse.

“We performed that for my mom and sister downstairs. I wasn’t even scared.”

At the 1st Heat of the MidWestMadeMenENT two-round contests, I could see why. Young Torch brought an inexhaustible energy. I don’t think he took much time off from the stage even during the other performances on April 1.

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Young Torch couldn’t stop at the MidWestMadeMenENT Summerfest contest. Photo: Justin Yoshikane; Instagram: @afterdarkphotogallery.

He said he’s been hungry since high school, after he got into a talent show.

“It was crazy; the whole school knew my name,” Young Torch said, “and I just want to take this to the next level.”

As far as those looking to hear some of his music, Young Torch would have you listen to “Game Over

Young Torch is working on releasing some new art on his Soundcloud — and I’ve seen him at work — soon, but not until after the final elimination of the MidWestMadeMenENT Hip Hop competition May 20, starting at 9 p.m.

The top three performers advance to play 30-minute sets at the Summerfest Ground Floor Stage on July 3.


Note: Check back for profiles on the other contestants.

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