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Posted by on May 25, 2016 in Community, Hip Hop | 0 comments

Hustle to Summerfest — Tyso $upreme

Hustle to Summerfest — Tyso $upreme

Tyso $upreme — Repping Milwaukee, all-around; Oak Creek High. Music: “It says everything — what made me who I am; how I see things — everything.”

As much as I heard people mentioning “Tyso” in conversations about the contest to perform at the Summerfest Ground Floor Stage, I thought he was a seasoned industry vet.

The April 1 show at Bosses Sports Bar and Grill created a lot of buzz around the local music scene, and that was when Tyso $upreme earned his spot in the May 20 finals.

Tyso $upreme competing to play at Summerfest's Ground Floor Stage. Photo: Justin Yoshikane; Instagram: @afterdarkgallery
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Tyso $upreme competing to play at Summerfest’s Ground Floor Stage.
Photo: Justin Yoshikane; Instagram: @afterdarkgallery

“Now that I’m making music, putting it out there and letting other people hear it,” he said, “I’m getting my craft respected, loved and played as much as it does, I appreciate it.”

Tyso is relatively new to the rap scene — the MidWestMadeMenENT 1st Heat was just his tenth show since his first in December 2015.

To him, his work is about more than just music.

“Everything I do, I write,” Tyso told me.

“I’ve always been a writer, loved to read, and I’ve always thought the thought process that goes into what I’m reading is a big thing. It’s not what you’re reading; it’s actually what the writer is saying.”

Tyso said Milwaukee will always be his home and the most important place for him. He has big goals that will undoubtedly lead him away from home to prosper.

“I just want to be remembered as me, just a kid who made some good music.”

Tyso did not advance from the finals May 20.

Three songs to check, recommended by Tyso $upreme himself:Ready or Not,” “Blank Space” and his newest drop, “Like I’m Jigga.”

Note: Check back for profiles on the other contestants.

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