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Posted by on May 20, 2016 in Community, Hip Hop | 0 comments

Hustle to Summerfest — Denny Lanez

Hustle to Summerfest — Denny Lanez

Denny Lanez — Repping Chicago for sports but Milwaukee for life. Music: Singles, “How I’m feeling at the time;” Projects, “I keep a cohesive sound throughout, changes between projects. It doesn’t matter, sometimes it’s melodic, energy, trap, anything. I have variety.”

“When I was younger, my father died,” Denny Lanez told me, “so it’s basically just been me and my mom.”

That’s why we met at the War Memorial. Both of his parents served in the US Army. For him, it meant a lot of time spent just sitting around, waiting for his mother there, where she worked.

“This was the spot where I was writing my first raps ever,” he said. “I was like 9 at the time, and this is where it all came together.”

Now he’s one of just seven Hip Hop artists left in the competition for one of three sets July 3 at the Summerfest Ground Floor Stage. 19 years old and the facial hair to match, it could be easy to underestimate the young Milwaukee MC. But don’t let his youth fool you. Clearly a veteran artist and performer, I personally was captivated by his set, and so were others in the crowd.

Denny Lanez, a natural on the mic, fights to get into Summerfest. Photo: Justin Yoshikane; Instagram: @afterdarkgallery
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Denny Lanez, a natural on the mic, fights to get into Summerfest. Photo: Justin Yoshikane; Instagram: @afterdarkgallery

But, he said, he didn’t really take his craft seriously until after he saw the Hip Hop biography on rapper 50 Cent, Get Rich or Die Tryin’.

“I said, ‘if he can do it, so can I,'” Denny Lanez said.

I asked what songs people need to hear to get an idea of his messages: “The Oath,” “Britches,” “6th Man

“The Oath” Video

Upcoming Projects: “The Oath,” video and song. Zeus: Video and song coming soon. Project coming soon.

Note: Check back for profiles on the other contestants.

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